Multi-platinum selling Australian group The Potbelleez have put their own spin on the Isley Brothers classic 'Shout', with the single to be released on September 23rdvia Hussle.

Known for their massive hits 'Don't Hold Back', 'From The Music' and 'Are You With Me', The Potbelleez have re-worked 'Shout' for 2016 with KMart using the track for their new ad campaign.

Ilan from The Potbelleez explains how the track came together: "We were in Nashville at a song writing camp and we were playing around with some big vocal tracks and got talking about iconic Australian anthems and 'Shout'. It was the incredible Isley Brothers who originally wrote and recorded 'Shout', but it was Australia's first rock n roll super star Jonny O'Keefe and his version in the early '60s that went on to become an Australian anthem! We were so excited to put our own spin on this classic belter."

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