Running Trax Gold

Ministry of Sound have hit the track and topped the winner’s podium with the latest edition in their iconic fitness series - RUNNING TRAX GOLD. Loading up over 55 high energy dance anthems to kick-start your winter workout, RUNNING TRAX GOLD is the fitness comilation set to unlock your inner Olympian! With three new and individually sequenced programs crossing all levels of fitness, RUNNING TRAX GOLD has your training routine covered!

For the beginners, WALK is a dance-music-motivator like no other - set to get you up, and out, and making each stride count! JOG is the perfect sound track for an all out cardio blast or the casual pavement pounder looking to get that little bit more from their workout. While RUN shoots you straight from the block, with a circuit of the biggest tunes to elevate your heart rate and keep your pulse racing!

So tighten your laces, and get ready to go for gold this winter with MINISTRY OF SOUND RUNNING TRAX GOLD!