Running Trax Summer 2012

The weather has warmed and summer is well and truly here… but that's not an excuse to let your fitness routine slip now is it?

Ministry of Sound are back, and set to get you up of the couch, and out pounding the pavement this Summer, with the latest instalment in their iconic Running Trax series – RUNNING TRAX SUMMER 2012.

We all know that Summer is one of the hardest seasons to keep a fitness program on-track, while making the most of the amazing weather, unplanned Sunday sessions and festive siestas, so RUNNING TRAX SUMMER 2012 features three all new programs WALK, JOG, and RUN, to get your pulse racing and ensure you get the most from your workout!

WALK – A dance music kick from the couch, set to help you make that first stride count and get you moving! JOG – The perfect warm-up for an all out cardio blast or the perfect soundtrack for the casual pavement pounder. RUN - 80 minutes of inspiring tunes to help you maintain your steady stride, keep that heart rate up, and make sure you keep that pulse racing!

With 59 of the best high energy dance anthems this is our best Running Trax to date! So get motivated, get the most out of your workout, and get yourself into shape this summer with Ministry of Sound RUNNING TRAX SUMMER 2012.