Running Trax Summer 2011

Break out your most supportive sneakers, because it's time to hit the track once again. Ministry of Sound is taking over your fitness regimen with RUNNING TRAX SUMMER 2011, 3 CD's of the best motivational dance tracks to help get your pulse racing and extract the most from your workout.

There's three new programs; JOG - the perfect warm-up for an all out cardio blast (which doubles as the perfect soundtrack for the casual pavement pounder); RUN - 80 minutes of inspiring tunes to help you maintain your steady stride, keep that heart rate up, and make sure you make the distance; and INTERVAL - a program we've formulated with the workout fiends from Fitness First to get you fitter, faster! The Interval Training disc provides three distinct mini-workouts, introducing periods of high intensity cardio peaks to help build muscle mass and raise your metabolic rate through the roof! Also included in the package is an exclusive download code on every CD, allowing the listener to download a continuous mix of Disc 3 (Interval Training) complete with voice coaching from Fitness First head of personal training, Michael Cunico. A great way to get the most out of your workout.