Rave Anthems

The next instalment of the hugely successful Anthems series from Ministry of Sound is here!

To celebrate what was nothing short of a dance phenomenon, Ministry of Sound proudly present Rave Anthems, three CDs of rave favourites in their purest form. Covering the inimitable period of time that was 1990-1996, Rave Anthems covers only the very best in UK, Belgian and Italian House, German and UK Rave and Italian Style that dominated the Australian dance scene.

This is a MUST HAVE album to reminisce about the good old days of dance! This 3 CD set documents the period of the rise of the rave sound in 1990 and celebrates 6 years of the true dedicated following of rave, set over 3 CDs Rave Anthems features a whopping 62 never to be forgotten hits from Moby, Force Mass Motion, The Prodigy, Felix, Golden Girls, Dream Frequency, Transformer 2, Infusion, Cappella, N-Joi, T99, Joey Beltram and more!