Clubbers Guide To 2009

A fresh new year calls for fresh new music and MoS's first release out of the gates for 2009 is the Clubbers Guide.

As a gesture of our love and commitment to good tunes and the MoS Oz massive, the Clubbers Guide to 2009 includes three whole discs of music – each one mixed by a top Aussie artist. A nice touch, we think, given the album's release date (24th of January) so close to Australia Day. Perfect to provide the official soundtrack to your summer BBQs and backyard pool parties.

Gold Coast boys, the @Stafford Brothers@ mix disc one, @The Aston Shuffle@ kindly mixed disc two for us and lucky number three was lovingly prepared by Sydney fellow, @Bass Kleph@. Check the tracklist below for tune-spotting.

For those who feel CDs are an antiquated and cumbersome medium with which they no longer want to be burdened, the digital version of Clubbers Guide 2009 will be available for download shortly after its physical release.