The 2009 Annual

It's always good to have an official round-up of the year's biggest tunes and not just for nostalgia's sake but because it helps jog the memory about the year that was (some memories, after all, may be a little hazy).

The 2009 Annual yet again canonizes the best tracks of the last twelve months and throws in some of this summer's biggest dancefloor fillers as well, all mixed together with the trademark deftness of Annual legends John Course and Goodwill. A more fitting portent of the festive session to come simply could not exist; it's actually been scientifically proven here in the MoS labs.

Watch out for 2009 Annual tour dates, so when the boys come to your neck of the woods you can experience the magic that is the Annual in person - plus you have like a memento of the night AND the year before you've even had a chance to forget either.