Ministry of Sound Presents Anthems 1991-2008

Ready yourself for one of the most important compilations of our time. This definitive history of the UK’s most famous superclub, Ministry of Sound (us, in other words), collates the biggest anthems from the last 16 years - that's older than some of you! Bringing together the most influential moments in dance culture from around the word on three tremendous CDs, clubbers of all generational eras have something to feel tingly about.

Looking back on the history of our love affair with dance music, Anthems 1991 – 2008 spans two decades of momentous musical moments, tracing back to the birth of Ministry of Sound in 1991 as the UK’s first superclub. Timeless in quality and epic in scope, Anthems 1991 – 2008 is the epitome of the voice and the very spirit of an underground movement that grew to become a very way of life.

One Life. One Culture. One Album. Anthems 1991 – 2008. A clubbing legacy. Serious business.