Clubbers Guide To Spring 2008

The term 'must-have' gets bandied about a lot in consumer culture, but MoS would never use it unwarranted. Indeed, all our CDs you must have. This one is for the lovers and dancers - even if you can't really do either very well. For immediate mood-uplifting, stick it in stereo, turn volume up to 11 and steel self for the sounds of spring.

Mixed by Australian dance icon, GT (Groove Terminator is his full name), alongside one of the country’s sparkly new talents, Raye Antonelli, this two-CD album truly is graced with the hottest club hits of the moment, including the latest remixes of hits from Hook N Sling, PNAU, The Potbelleez, Cut Copy and Dukes of Windsor, there's a little something for everyone. How thoughtful are we!