MoS Chillout Sessions 10

Welcome the warmer weather with sleeveless arms (or armless sleeves - whichever you prefer) and Chillout Sessions 10. As you probably already know, the Chillout series is the cool person's alternative to listening to whale sounds or pan-pipes - an effective way of unloosening the mental tensions associated with the silly season and life in general. Spanning two blissfully laidback CDs, Chillout Sessions 10 is a deeply cool and karmic journey featuring on Disco One the smooth acoustic charm of José González, brother and sister duo Angus & Julia Stone, the sexed up soul of Amy Winehouse, and the dubbed out beats of Salmonella Dub.

Disc Two delves into the electronic side of chill, featuring the compelling 'It’s All True' from Tracey Thorn along with tracks from perennial indie favourites Hot Chip (whose name always makes us instantly hungry) and local indie-dance superstars Midnight Juggernauts with 'Into The Galaxy'.

Continuing the artistic direction of the last few Chillout CDs, the cover art for this one is also surreal and ethereal, and by that we mean sexy and hot.