Kid Kenobi Sessions

He’s Australia’s favourite DJ. Officially. Reigning champion of Australia’s premier DJ poll – the TechnicsInTheMix 50 – for three years running, it’s obvious who’s leading the charge. This poll has only been running for three years, which means Kid Kenobi has so far been the only number one. Voted for by the general public, the results of this poll reflect the feelings of a nation.

Kid Kenobi was such a strong ambassador for MoS, they asked him to mix albums for them, most notably the Clubber’s Guide To Breaks.The first of these set a new standard for breaks CD sales in Australia and four successful instalments later, Kid Kenobi has earnt a MoS mix of his own. The latest compilation album to come from the Kenobi camp is Kid Kenobi Sessions, an auspicious achievment, since he’ll be the first DJ to have a Sessions mix in his name. It’s a big deal when major clubbing empires want to associate their name with you.