Maximum Bass

“Bass gives you that feeling that only bass can give and you simply CAN’T get that from a quiet sound system. It’s gotta take your breath away literally, shake your jeans, take the air out your lungs and rattle your eyes clean out their sockets. If you’re blind, deaf, gasping for breath and your ears are bleeding then your getting there. ALL good music should be played LOUD”. Especially Maximum Bass!

Ministry of Sound presents a brand new series designed especially for all those Cruiser’s who love the sound of the ultimate Bass in the ultimate Ride! ‘Pimpin my Ride’ and ‘tunin your car’ has become such a world wide phenomenon, in the past few years. We’ve seen it in the movies, video games, magazines filled with hot chicks lying on hot cars, and the auto shows! Now we have the CD to hot up your Soundsystem, Ministry of Sounds Maximum Bass is two CD’s of low Frequency, bass-heavy hip hop & R & B, breaks and house, and also includes 5 Bonus Basstones to really put your system to the test!

Disc one has some magic Hip Hop and R & B moments including New Zealand sensation Scribe with ‘stand up’ and the hot new track ‘I Got’ from emerging hip hop boys Fast Crew, PLUS The unstoppable Gorillaz present their crankin new single ‘feel Good inc.’ featuring De La Soul. But don’t stop there you‘ll cruise on through to some classic moments from 50 cent, Snoop Doog, Missy Elliot, Chingy, Ludacris, Ice Cube, Studio B and Xhibit.

Disc two takes you on a ride though bass heavy breaks and house with some hot and heavy tracks that will shake your paintwork. From Breaks Masters Plump DJ’s ‘Finger Lickin’, to German maestro Roman Flugel and his crowd stopper ‘Gehts Noch’. This album couldn’t be called Maximum Bass without a taste of some of the world’s finest thumping beats from Moguai, Timo Mass, Groove Armada, Chicken Lips and Freestylers!

Test your speakers and disturb the peace with Ministry of Sounds Maximum Bass!!!