Mashed 2

The second incarnation of the Mashed series is back - and who better to throw the road-kill into the pot and come up with some sweet smelling stew than Sydney good-time collective the Bang Gang. This time Ajax has brought his twisted partners in crime, Desperate Dan, Gus Da Hoodrat (aka DJ Buttfuck), Jaime Doom, and Damage along for the ride...and what a ride it is!

As anyone who's had the pleasure of attending a Bang Gang soiree will tell you, it's all about throwing yourself onto the dance floor and getting loose to some of the dirtiest, skankiest, and downright sexiest twisted electro you're ever likely to hear. And on this 2CD offering the boys have somehow managed to bottle whatever's in the air at their infamous hoedowns and deliver it to your headphones. Disc one is aptly titled "jiggyjiggybootyrock" - think dark synth stabs, heavily vocodered vocals, kooky samples, funky guitar licks....yep it's that whole 80's electro rock thang all over again. But when the mixing is this tight and intricate and the tunes this tasty you've got yourself a winner. There's plenty of grin inducing moments including the genius pairing of Daft Punk's 'Robot Rock' with Breakwater's 'Release The Beast', the Justice remix of Scenario Rock's 'Skitzo Dancer' and VHS Or Beta's 'Night On Fire'.

On Disc Two you get the sense that the boys were just preparing you for the madness that ensues every Saturday morning at around 4am. Titled "aciidravelectropop" it's the kind of music that makes you want thrust your hips repeatedly whilst telling the entire world that you either a)love them and their tight white t-shirts, or b)they make you feel like puking. The highlights are many but the mash of Sharon Phillips' 'Want2/Need2' with Roman Flugel's 'Geht's Noch?' is tasty, as is the inclusion of the Superdiscount mix of The Bravery's 'An Honest Mistake'. All in all Mashed 2 is so illicit some people are calling for this mix to be made it before it's banned!