Hard NRG 7

Mixed By John Ferris and Cosmic Gate, you don’t get to number 7 (that’s right we said 7) in a series of album releases without some cracking tunes and top notch mixing. Well here we go again folks. Once again bona fide Aussie legend John Ferris has taken up the challenge and this time he’s joined by German gurus Cosmic Gate to be in the mix for the latest installment of Hard NRG. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands in the air party people cos’ we gonna have one hell of a ride…

On disc one it's Nic Chagall and DJ Bossi, aka Cosmic Gate at the helm, and the lads don’t mess around. Armin Van Buuren’s remix of Sean Callery’s ‘The Longest Day’ gets proceedings off to a rip-snorter with a driving bassline that sets the tone for the madness to follow. Seamless mixing is the order of the day and Tiesto’s ‘Euphoria’ is dropped next, and if you haven’t heard this tune, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. Let’s just say it’ll have you higher than the proverbial kite. When you’re counted as being amongst the best in the business you should have no hesitation in throwing some of your own material into the mix, and thanks be to godess, Cosmic Gate have done just that: ‘I Feel Wonderful’, ‘Ultracurve’, ‘Tomorrow’, and ‘Monotune’ are all featured with the duo’s immaculate production values a real highlight. These guys really know how to light the fuse and let the cracker off at just the right time. Elsewhere you’ll find Johan Gielen’s brooding ‘Dreamchild’, Encee’s slow burning ‘Sansibar’ and the industrial Crash and Learn edit of Relic’s ‘Cue Burner’. But if there’s one tune that sums up the mix it would have to be the ethereal extended mix of Wippenberg’s ‘Earth’ – which kicks off all eerie like and morphs into a tribal infused scorcher aimed straight at the dancefloor.

Now there’s just time enough to grab yourself some H2O, get your breath back, and make a mad dash to the toilet before John Ferris picks up the baton and takes to the toys….

Right from the start Ferris shows that he’s not here to make up the numbers. “You are all my children now” is the battle cry to kick off the mix and The Chemical Brothers ‘Electronic Battle Weapon 7’ with it’s analogue riff will have you reaching for your craziest dance moves and hopefully pulling them off! Gbe3’s ‘Outside In’ and Cosmic Gate’s Relaunched 2005 mix of Cyb’s ‘Now’ will then have you reaching for the stars before Ferris brings the darkness with a mashup of DJ Isaac’s ‘Focus’ and Tom Neville’s ‘Just F**k’ followed by DJ Pavo and Blutonium Boy’s ‘Floorkilla’ – there’s only one word for it – intense. Elsewhere Ferris slows things down a little (just for a second mind you) with Devil Fish’s ‘Warmduscher’ – before it’s banging beat just about brings the house down. And just for good measure he throws on the acapella of Peaches’ ‘Rock Show’ which is absolutely filthy and one of many highlights in an excellent mix. And the hit’s just keep on coming with Thomas Schumacher’s interpretation of ‘Tainted Love’ – ‘Tainted Schall’, Ferris’ own remix of ‘Hardstyle & Acid’, DJ Deekline Presents Cut & Run’s raga tinged ‘Outta Space’ (the Prodigy’s ‘Out Of Space’) and then there’s DJ Wag’s ‘Getting High’.

At the end of the day Hard NRG 7 does what it says on the tin. This is an album that has more energy that a party full of hyperactive kids who’ve been on the red cordial all day…and that’s saying something my friends. It’s a slamming banging ride with the cream of hi-nrg tunes for your aural delight from start to finish.