Chillout Sessions 8

There's a saying out there somewhere that goes a little something like this: "Adapt or perish, now as ever, is nature's inexorable imperative." Actually it was War Of The Worlds author H.G Wells who imparted that pearl of wisdom on us; and on the eighth of Ministry's iconic Chillout Sessions series it certainly rings true. Where once upon a time it was all about ambient electronica, the chillout genre these days has cast its net across the broad spectrum of popular music and now encompasses the new wave roots scene, alongside pop, rock and hip hop. But the purists needn't worry. There's still big helpings of lush cinematic beats interspersed with quirky samples at just the right moments.

On disc one things couldn't get any more horizontal if they tried; Emiliana Torrini's quirky 'Sunnyroad' kicks off proceedings, and it's gentle guitar licks combined with her husky voice illustrates the neo-chillout sound perfectly. Lior's 'Daniel', Husky Rescue's 'New Light Of Tomorrow' and Ian Brown's 'Time Is My Everything' are obvious highlights - but the entire 19 tracks are all top-notch.

On disc 2 the tempo is raised immeasurably and it's a welcome change. The Scissor Sisters will take you back to this year's Good Vibrations hoedown with 'Comfortably Numb'. And then it's a short hop, skip and jump to some of the freshest electro funk you're likely to hear. Recloose hit's the spot nicely with 'Dust' does the Kaskade mix of Mark Farina's 'Cali Spaces' and Moreno's disco infused 'Firebird'.

All up this album is one very tasty mix and an essential for this summer. In fact we'll go as far as saying that it puts slap back into slip slop.