The 2005 Annual

With so many good tunes packed into this year's annual and two of the country's best DJs on mixing duties it feels almost insulting to your intelligence to bang on about how good it is. Of course it's bloody good, look at the tracklist! How much more obvious could the goodness be? Still, if you're not the seasoned tune-spotter and need more of a helpful review, here's a basic run-down of what to expect from the Annual this year.

As with every year, the Annual is the chosen DJs' representation of what was big in clubland over the past year, plus a few tunes they predict will be played well into next year (and beyoooond). John Course, being from Melbourne, takes in a lot of Latin house flavours, with warm, rounded beats and melodies. Heaps of sing-a-long vocals are included on his disc, with familiar tunes: "My My My", "Flashdance", "Good Luck", "Up & Down" and "I Am Tha 1" in the you've-definitely-heard-it pile. Retro 80s stuff being the big influence still, you'll find tracks like "Call On Me" and "Pleasure From The Bass" in the mix as well.

Dynamo (that's our affectionate name for Mark Dynamix) reprazenting for the Sydneysiders, features a fair amount of electro and synthy, retro sounds. Mylo starts the ball rolling with a track that still has a whole heap of dancefloor mileage left in it, "Drop The Pressure", and the vibe continues with Starsailor, a few different contributions by Eric Prydz, Ferry Corsten in electro synth mode and The Prodigy at the end. Infusion pop their heads in, Shapeshifters rack up one for the club anthem quota and even Dynamix himself gets in on the tracklist with "Identify Me".

All in all, a very savvy and nostalgic mix that will not only keep you moving this summer but hopefully bring back the year's clubbing memories at a later date. Put it in the Christmas stocking for someone special (unless you're, like, Jewish or some other non Christ-based religion, then just buy it and keep it yourself).