Blutonium Presents Hardstyle Volume 3

Back on the hardstyles trail, it's Messrs Boy and Trouble. Blutonium takes charge of disc one, starting off with his own intro, moving into a long mix of "Turboduese" including well-placed "motherfucker". It's as hard and pounding as the title suggests, the momentum (and "motherfuckers") kept up with "Face to Face". Diva vocal samples and horns enter with "Deep Dada" while Donkey Rollers throw in some serious hoovers and spoken word with "Evil". By the time Kai Jaxx sticks his head in, the nosebleed element of the hardstyle is in full effect, with trance, techno, acid, samba and fart noises coming in and out of the mix in the most punishing manner possible.

Monsieur Trouble does disc two, starting off with a rather menacing intro of his own. It's almost like standing at the entrance of a really big, dark cave where you know hell is waiting to pound your head in. But in a good way. "Hard Creation" gets things off to a loud start, a nice trancey breakdown in the middle and build-up creating an electric atmosphere for the rest of the mix. Blutonium Boy makes a few appearances again, with the pace arguably a little tougher on this disc than the first. The crazy samples keep coming fast ("Sexbustrers") and so do the head-penetrating beats ("20 Times" claims to be that much stronger than speed and it's not lying).

As far as hardstyles go, Blutonium has once again succeeded in messing with both head and heart rate, which should keep the masses happy until the next time they put vinyl to deck...