Hard NRG Anthems

Hard NRG isn’t everyone’s cup of chai, but for those with the stamina, this will prove a rounded and intelligent album.

John Ferris starts out with a surprising amount of funk, a breaks mix of Prodigy mashed up with ‘Satisfaction’, weaving in a melodic Middle Eastern vocal in a further twist. ‘Punk’ brings in a familiar hook and more breaks, while another Dutchman, Mr van Buuren, ups the tempo a bit with ‘Communication’. ASYS introduce some head cracking NRG effects and hoovers, while Under Construction adds some drills, jacks and hammering to the mix, including the vocal sample from John Creamer and PQM’s ‘Fuck Sonnet’. Uberdruck then raises the pressure somewhat with a punishing through line and some huge breakdowns, a feeling carried on through the middle of the disc. Fischer Emerges as a genre-crossing tune, lending an electro edge, while Dyewitness wraps up on a high note with some ‘traditional’ hard nrg.

Just like the first CD, there are a number of unexpected tracks on this listing. Names like the Venga Boys and Bedrock sit next to more classic tunes from Zombie Nation and Scott Project making this an interesting and varied set. The disc starts out on a melodic swooshy trance vibe, quickly superseded by Infinity 2001 a hi-nrg remake of the 90s version by Guru Josh and 2000 trance classic, Universal Nation. Warp Brothers and Wag keep nrg levels high, the former with a bit of breakbeat, then Digweed’s progressive opus, Heaven Scent swoops in with its familiar synth melody, which, like Kernkraft 400, has lost nothing of its original appeal. This is a nostalgic mix from Midro, who obviously enjoys including a wide range of different influences in his nrg.