Kid Kenobi

Label EMI Music Australia

Latest release Nov. 17, 2007

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Addicted To Bass
2008 Annual DVD

The latest release to feature Kid Kenobi


Countless accolades, awards, records, and firsts have been the hallmark of Kid Kenobi’s illustrious 15-year long DJing career. Indeed it’s an impossible task trying to resist running them off. From being named Australia’s favourite DJ for a record number 3 years from 2003 – 2005, receiving an award for his first remix ever (of Green Velvet’s “La La Land’ ), to an ARIA nomination for ‘The Bump’ with Hook N Sling, knocking up over 50 remixes for some of the world’s biggest names in dance, pop and rock, being the first DJ ever to have a CD series named after him by Ministry of Sound, to having an itinerary that reads like a Lonely Planet guidebook to the best nightclubs around the world, Kid Kenobi has just about done it all. It’s almost become a cliché to say that there isn’t much left for him to do. And yet perhaps the Kids greatest triumph of all is his ability to keep on evolving and growing as an artist. Music trends come and go, clubbers retire, scenes change, and awards gather dust but Kid Kenobi, it seems, is here to stay.

This constant evolution (coupled with the fact that Kid Kenobi has never been content to stick to a single style within his sets or productions) has recently seen Kid Kenobi embrace the ‘bass music’ movement. Bass music has fast become the perfect way for Kid Kenobi to house his musical depth while at the same time maintaining a musical continuity through his work and a connection with his roots with dubstep, electro, complextro, moombahton, moombahcore, drumstep, drumstep and more all finding a home under the greater umbrella of ‘bass music’. Kid Kenobi’s 2011 ‘Bass Music EP’ showcased this unity through diversity with anthemic dubstep, block rocking moombahcore / glitch hop, main room drumstep, and bass heavy house beats all making their presence felt. A similar through line was also followed with Kid Kenobi’s recent mix compilation for Ministry of Sound (with Bombs Away) aptly titled ‘Addicted To Bass’. Expect new originals and EP’s from the Kid in 2012 that will take this addiction even further. Outside of his solo material Kid Kenobi also collaborates on a moombahton / club house project called Too Fresh’ with his brother Hugga Thugg. Their recent single ‘Hotel Party’ (featuring the UK’s Marvell) reached an impressive #5 on the national Australian ARIA Club Chart with further main room / cross-over singles and a new EP already in the works for 2012. Just to make sure he has absolutely no spare time left whatsoever Kid Kenobi also decided to set up his own highly successful independent record label Klub Kids - home to such acts as Phetsta, Karton, Surecut Kids, Spenda C, Northie, J-Trick, and Conway, as well as Too Fresh and Kid Kenobi himself. The label has also started a series of independent one off events with the aim of bringing back a certain ‘specialness’ to club culture with their first one taking place in a secret warehouse location.


It’s perhaps another cliché to say the future looks ‘bright’, but there seems no other word to describe that, which lays ahead for the Kid. Having achieved so much already, one seems a fool to expect anything less from the next phase of his artistic journey.


Releases by Kid Kenobi

Mixed Compilations

Addicted To Bass mixed by Bombs Away and Kid Kenobi (May 18, 2012)

Ministry of Sound present Addicted To Bass. The newest compilation series from Ministry of Sound serving up over 45 of the biggest speaker crunching dubstep, bassline electro, drum-n-bass and moombahton ...

Kid Kenobi - Kid Kenobi Sessions (July 14, 2007)

He’s Australia’s favourite DJ. Officially. Reigning champion of Australia’s premier DJ poll – the TechnicsInTheMix 50 – for three years running, it’s obvious who’s leading the charge ...

Clubbers Guide to 2007 mixed by Goodwill and Kid Kenobi (Jan. 20, 2007)

Clubber’s Guide is any dance music lover’s first choice as a definitive - if not actually divine, as in sent by Saint God himself - guide to all things HOT ...

Kid Kenobi - Kid Kenobi Sessions (Sept. 4, 2006)

The number one selektor in Australia right now, as voted by the people for the past there years, mind, saddles up his trusty steed and teams up with offsider Shureshock ...

Featured tracks

Hook N Sling & Kid Kenobi - The Bump (Original mix)
Hook N Sling & Kid Kenobi - The Bump (Video) 2008 Annual DVD
Jono Fernandez & Kid Kenobi - Rubber (Original mix) Clubbers Guide to 2007
Hook N Sling & Kid Kenobi - The Bump (Tonite Only Remix) Ministry Of Sound Presents Mashed 3 (Digital Edition) The 2007 Annual (CD) Maximum Bass 3 (Digital Edition) Maximum Bass 3
Hook N Sling & Kid Kenobi - The Bump (Tonite Only Remix) Ministry Of Sound Presents Mashed 3 (Digital Edition) The 2007 Annual (CD) Maximum Bass 3 (Digital Edition) Maximum Bass 3
Hook N Sling & Kid Kenobi - The Bump (Tonite Only Remix) Ministry Of Sound Presents Mashed 3 (Digital Edition) The 2007 Annual (CD) Maximum Bass 3 (Digital Edition) Maximum Bass 3
Hook N Sling & Kid Kenobi - The Bump (Tonite Only Remix) Ministry Of Sound Presents Mashed 3 (Digital Edition) The 2007 Annual (CD) Maximum Bass 3 (Digital Edition) Maximum Bass 3


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