Womens Sportswear Label L’urv Curates Your Winter Workout Playlist

If you're a woman, into stylish sportswear and all about that fitness lifestyle, you should be well and truly across the boutique sportswear and swimwear label L'urv. Providing what no other brand is, and that is having ACTUALLY NICE SPORTSWEAR, L'urv offers a cultural lifestyle of positive living thanks to the combination of fashion, music, food and personal wellbeing. Based in Australia, the brand features high quality performance fabrications, exclusive prints and forte in offering sportswear styling like no other.

With the launch of their new 'Wild Card' range, the lovely ladies over at L'urv have offered us an insight into their brand lifestyle with a few workout tips and a Spotify playlist (bottom of the page) from founder, designer and former athlete Libby Pettit.

Stay tuned as we have a massive competition to announce on Monday, thanks to L'urv and Running Trax Winter 2015.

Who is L'urv?

L'urv is a boutique women's sportswear label based in Melbourne. Catering for the woman who wants to stand out from the crowd looking super stylish and sophisticated in her workout clothes.

What makes L'urv different from any other sportswear brands?

L'urv's unique and striking patterns and superior quality makes us stand out from the rest. We are a sportswear brand that is completely exclusive but still so affordable. You can pick out who is wearing our designs in the gym and on the street because it stands out.

How does music and fashion affect a persons performance at the gym?

Music can really enhance a persons workout whilst in the gym and also when exercising outside.

Here are 5 ways music can enhance your workout:

1. Music triggering emotions that either stimulate (psychic up) or sedate (calm down).

2. Music distracts fatigue and tension, promoting a positive, happy mood state

3. Music prolongs performance by regulating movement

4. Music provides beats to obtain flow, resulting in greater endurance.

5. Music acts as a companion, keeping you entertained during long repetitive workout sessions (i.e. the treadmill!).

Who doesnt feel their best when they are rocking new and amazing sportswear. Fashion helps us to give our workouts a boost just because we are feeling great!How do you feel your apparel helps people in the gym?

High quality sportswear is a must! Our compression fabrics provide support and helps you to perform at your best! Our collections are super comfortable, designed to perfectly fit your shape.

In 4 words, descibe the L'urv Woman?

Fit, Sexy, Sophisticated, Educated

If L'urv were a song, what song would it be?Holding On - Disclosure. We're always pushing to go one further.

What was the motivation behind the L'urv Brand?

L'urv aim to fulfil the gap for unique, fashion inspired sportswear -In an industry dominated by minimal players. Identifying the growing demand for original and luxurious sportswear, the collections feature high quality performance fabrications, directional styling and exclusive prints.

You've recently launched your latest collection. Tell us a little bit about the 'Wild Card' collection?

"Wild card" is the newest luxe active wear collection from L'urv - designed for unpredictable girls who should NEVER be underestimated. This beautifully, bold collection has a modern, feminine feel with a ferocious edge. Prints including L'urv's signature banana leaf, leopard print and the traditional stripes and colour blocking. The collections includes high performance leggings, crop tops, running shorts, bike pants and knitwear. Wild card is luxury sportswear for the untamed.

What is the best advice you would give to someone just starting a training regime?

I would tell them you get out what you put in, to not be disheartened if the results don't come straight away, everything takes time and dedication, to find ways that keep you motivated and to choose exercises or sports that you enjoy!

What is your number 1 workout tip?

Music, Music, Music! seriously. Have you ever tried to do a circuit in complete silence, very un-motivating!

Visit the full L'urv 'Wild Card' Range here, and stay tuned for a competition to be announced on Monday 29th June.