Win Tickets to JACKED!!!

In celebration of the New Year and our upcoming party, ‘JACKED,’ we’re giving away a bunch of really cool stuff to our favourite twitter fans! The prizes include custom Skullcandy Ministry of Sound headphones, t-shirts, CD Compilations, and of course...

...double-pass tickets to JACKED!

It’s easy! Just make sure you’re a follower of us on twitter, and simply send a tweet mentioning us! We’ll pick the winners at random, with a slight bias towards the ones that make us laugh, or the ones that are in Haiku form. So the more you enter, and the more clever you are, the better your chances!

Your tweet could be as simple as “@MinistryAUS is my lover on the side” or "My pants are a little bit tighter because of @MinistryAUS" – we don’t really care what it says, just as long as it's between now and January 10th, you've got a shot at winning!!