Q&A: Clubbers Guide to 2014 Mastermind, Ember

Happy New Year! How did you bring in 2014?
Thanks dudes! Kicked off the year at North Gong Hotel, which was pretty packed, then raced back for a set at Luna Park. Managed to make it to the harbour with a few mins to spare, caught the Bridge fireworks and jumped on straight after. Was good to bring in 2014 in my hometown for a change :)

Who are some of the bubbling artists in dance music you recommend we keep an eye on this year?
Way too many! There’s two guys called Botnek based out of Montreal who are making some big waves overseas, I’m really loving their music, they’ve just done a collab with a guy called Snails as well, who is rad. Duke Dumont’s already really at the top of things but I think this year will get even bigger for him. Locally I think the GoFreek dudes have a lot happening at the moment, as well as crew like Uberjak’d, Danny T, Krunk, Silversix, Chardy, Kronic, Rob Pix, Acaddamy and a stack more. Big year all in all I think, especially for Aus artists.

What were some of your favourite tracks dropped in 2013?
Madeon - Technicolor Daft Punk ft. Panda Bear - Doin' It Right Dillon Francis ft. TEED - Without You Touch Sensitive - Pizza Guy I just started flicking through my music and this list could go on for a while actually.

Where do you go for the best night out in Sydney?
Pacha in Sydney for sure, or the Wall on Wednesdays at World Bar for midweek business would be my picks. If you’re in Sydney on a Sunday make sure to check out Marco Polo as well.

Which city are you most looking forward to play to on the Clubbers Guide Tour?
I’m playing Perth for the first time at Villa and Darwin at Discovery as well, so it’s always exciting to play new clubs that you’ve heard tooi much about already. Looking forward to those, and our hometown shows at Pacha and Billboards.

Have you ever toured together with Joel Fletcher before?
Nope. But we’ve crashed each other’s gigs, and drank each other’s riders, a handful of times, at least.

What can we expect from the Clubbers Guide to 2014 shows?
A lot of new music! We’re being sent stacks of new tracks every week, and Joel’s working on so much new gear as well, so come Friday / Saturday night we’re almost road testing music from a lot of really good mates making some unreal tracks. That mixed in with a lot of drinking and not too much sleep always works out well. Really looking forward to all of the shows. This tour’s going to get out of hand.

You can catch Ember on the Clubbers Guide to 2014 Tour happening right now in over 20 venues throughout Australia! Download Clubbers Guide to 2014 here.