We Played The Berghain Simulator With Motez, 12th Planet, FATHERDUDE And Other DJ Friends. This Is What Happened

Ever been to Berghain? If so, there is no doubt you are aware of their notoriously strict door policy, so when the opportunity came around to play the new Berghain Trainer simulator, we thought "why the bloody hell not?". Famous for their strict door policy, their figurehead bouncer Sven Marquardt has made it no secret that the credentials to get in are absolutely non-specific, stating that anyone could get in whether you're wearing a suit, wearing a mask, or simply just wearing all black. But just as fast as you'd be considered getting in, you could be finding yourself back at the end of the line trying again.

When we heard about the Berghain Simulator, we called up a few friends, some who have experienced the Berghain in the past, to try their luck at beating the online simulator. The simulator uses your camera and microphone to pick up your body language and voice as you approach the front door of Berghain, ready to be interrogated by Sven, the Bouncer (obviously not the real Sven Marquardt). Once you're at the front of the line, you're met with questions like: Is this your first time?", "How old are you?", "Are you on drugs tonight", "Who's playing tonight?" and from there, the game uses facial and vocal recognition software to see if you're Berghain ready.

We gave it a crack with bass lord 12th Planet, house maestro Motez, Aussie house legend Groove Terminator as well as Danny T, FATHERDUDE, GG Magree, Antoine Vice and Ministry of Sound Staffer Anita. Check out the results and see who got in.....The result will seriously surprise you. Give it a crack yourself below.

Think you can get into Berghain? Give it a shot here.

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