We Play 'Walk Right In' or 'Walk Right' out with Colour Castle

You may have been sleeping on one of Australia's fastest rising artists Colour Castle, whose latest track 'Walk Right In' hit #1 on the ARIA Club Chart, holding down the spot for 6 straight weeks beating the likes of Calvin Harris, Galantis and Martin Solveig. Off of the back of the hugely successful release, we caught up with Sydney local Colour Castle to play a quick game of "Walk Right In or Walk Right Out?". For those playing at home, the format was simple. We gave Colour Castle some topics, and he told us if he was around them (Walk Right In) or if he was not a fan of them (Walk Right Out), then to elaborate his answer. Hilarity & In-sight ensued.

Donald Trump

Colour Castle: "Walk Right Out, If he ruins America there will be hell toupée."

Kanye West

Colour Castle: "Walk Right In, If Donald Trump can run for president then hey who knows Kanye4Pres."

Football (Soccer)

Colour Castle: WRI "Go Sports."


Colour Castle: "Walk Right In, still some great parties run by great people in one of our toughest times. Sydney is still hanging in there and I love living here!"


Colour Castle: "WRI, Uno, Anyway & Pawn N Co look out."

Daft Punk

Colour Castle: "WRI, inspiration galore."

Las Vegas

Colour Castle: "Walk Right Out. Yet to visit but I doubt it would be my vibe. Take me to BPM festival, Ibiza, Croatia and just about anywhere else before Vegas."


Colour Castle: "Fly Right In, yet to visit but after seeing the tune being pumped over there I am very excited to go."

Sydney’s Lockout Laws

Colour Castle: "Walk Right Out, and don't get back in.. utterly devastating."

The 90's

Colour Castle: "Born in 1990! Just scrapping in as a 90s kid."

Snapchat filters

Colour Castle: "Those filters come in extra handy the later the night gets! - WRI"


Colour Castle: "On the bucketlist. The bucklist is pretty big though, so hopefully can roll around in the mud there one day. WRI"


Colour Castle: "Still working on my selfie game."

Software Synths

Colour Castle: "WRI a lot has to be said for soft synths if you buy the right ones, Diva & Native Instruments are great to use."

Hardware Synths

Colour Castle:"I have my eye on a few to add to the studio, currently all soft synth tho."

Fetty Wap

Colour Castle: "Eye actually vibe Fetty. WRI."

'Walk Right In' is out now on iTunes

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