We Gave Luke Million 50 Bucks For A Cheeky Record Store Day

Luke Million is known for bringing the funk in a big way. His synth-laden grooves have ingrained him as a masterful producer and talented composer, as well as keeping dancers busy with his floor-filling repertoire. His latest release 'Back To The Rhythm' featuring Sam Sparro is a fresh take on feel-good funk, with the combination of soaring synths, guitar licks and percussion alongside Sam's smooth vocals combining to create the ultimate jam.

Surely his skills on the synthesizer reflect his music taste, right? Well we set him on a mission to find out. With just 50 dollars in his pocket, Luke Million embarked on a musical journey through the record stores of the CBD.

Check out the video below to see what he bought.

'Back To The Rhythm' is available to Stream and Download now


Elo - Time 1981

Boney M. - Love For Sale 1977

Madonna - Into The Groove 1984

Yellow Magic Orchestra 1978

Point Sisters - Break Out 1983

Total: $50


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