Tune In To MoS NZ

All the way over the [checks Google maps] Tasman Sea, our beloved New Zealand contingent are doing MoS proud with their bi-weekly radio show. Shuld you be lucky enough to find yourself on that side of the Tasman, either for a holiday or permanently, the show can be caught between 9.30pm and 3am on Friday nights and 10pm and 3am on Saturday nights.

Right now, there are some interviews on the site with the Utah Saints and Ian Carey, so even though you an’t yet stream their shows you can still catch some good bits.


And here are the frequencies on which you can catch the show if you live in NZ:

Auckland 91.0 Christchurch 91.3 / 89.2 Dunedin 95.8 Hawkes Bay 95.9 / 99.7 Gisborne 107.4 / 107.7 Kapiti 91.1 Marlborough 90.5 Nelson 97.0 Palmerston North 90.6 Rotorua 98.3 South Canterbury 96.3 Southland 95.6 Tauranga 89.8 Taranaki 98.8 Waikato 89.8 Wanganui 96.8 Wellington 90.9 Whangarei 95.1