Top Trends of the 80s

B-Boys & Fly Girls, Ravers & New Wavers – wrap your ears around the latest bitchin' compilation from Ministry of Sound, 80s Mix, featuring 4 discs of house, electro, hip hop and soul grooves.

To celebrate the release, we are counting down the best, worst and absolutely embarrassing trends of the 80s. While the fashion trends may have been a little off, the music certainly wasn't, with artists dominating like Spandau Ballet and needless to mention, WHAM! So here we go, our favouroite 10 trends from '80-'89.

​10. Two-Piece Tracksuits

Ranging from Run DMC to The Beastie Boys, all of the best Hip-Hop crews in the 80s had a strong matching tracksuit game. Completing the look was the thick gold chain, bucket hat and velour anything.

9. Fanny Pack

Before they became the indicators of either a tourist, a lad or Jarrad Leto these practical bags also known as the 'bumbag' became handy and practical bags for keeping your wallet, money or any other small items safe. Believe it or not, its nylon patterns and rip-stop materials made the fanny pack appropriately trendy.

​8. High Top Fades

Another style symbolising the golden era of Hip-Hop, the High Top Fade was rocked by artists like Big Daddy Kane and Kid from Kid 'n Play. You either had a High-Top fade or you had a mullet.

7. The Mullet

While high-top fades may seem to be slowly coming back into fashion, there is no hope for the good old mullet. Flapping in the wind like a soaring eagle, the mullet was one of the most popular hair trends of the 80s and became synonymous with listening to Cold Chisel, Bon Jovi and Hall & Oates.

6. Acid wash jeans

Notorious in late 80s sitcom Saved By The Bell, the light acid washed jeans became a favourite trend for most of the cast. Most notably Zac Morris who would wear these bad boys without fail and even rocking double-denim every so often.

​5. Shoulder Pads

Because the gym is overrated, we needed fabric covered padding to give the illusion of having broader and less sloaping shoulders. Although they are still minimally used in men's suits today, we can be thankful it is not used in every day fashion. Prince is an exception.

​4. The Walkmen

Yes, the Walkman was an accessory but just like the Boombox it was a major trend in the 80s.

​3. Leg Warmers

Originally worn by dancers, it became a fad in the 80s amongst teenagers, due to their popularity in films like Fame and Flashdance. Nope…Nope…Nope

2. Reebok Pumps

Released in 1989, the Reebok Pumps changed the game with its internal inflation technology and was heavily endorsed amongst professional basketball players. Still to this day the Reebok Pumps are one of the most popular shoes in the world.

1. Neon/Fluro

Yep, you guessed it. Don't act like you never wore it. Literally everything that was cool in the 80s was even cooler if it came in Neon. From T-shirts to pants, to even Ski-jackets, Neon was a massive trend in the 80s, and not just an OH&S regulation. Despite neon's comeback in the mid 2000s, it seems as though neon has been laid to rest.