TODAY!!! MoS Presents Anthems at Sounds on Sunday

Remember trying to get a drink in the cocktail bar? Ducking and weaving upstairs to get to the loos? Flirting with the bartenders in the courtyard bar? Dodging (or maybe even being) one of those sweaty bodies in the chapel? Or raising hands to epic anthems from Bysie or Craig Obey or Shamus???

Well, even if you don't, today is indeed an epic day in history – two of Sydney's iconic dance-related figures are joining forces in a truly festive-spirited way to bring you tunage and nostalgia all at once. If you're still umming and ahhing about whether to go - GO! - look at the weather outside for Pete's sake – get thee OFF the computer, into your summery outfits, pop on those new sunnies you just bought at Paris, Texas or Tsubi (KSUBI, whatev) and get thee out of the house/backyard and into the Greenwood Hotel.

MoS reporters are, of course, going to be on the ground, so behave yourself or you might wind up with a dishonourable mention in our round-up of the day.

It's also a wise idea to wear some sunscreen today, or some kind of thermo-nuclear headwear as it really is sunny and third-degree facial burns aren't a good look on NYE.

See you there!

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