Timmy Trumpet's Freaks Sets A Ministry Of Sound Record

Ministry of Sound are proud to announce a massive milestone achievement with Timmy Trumpet & Savage's track Freaks going 5x Platinum in Australia & NZ. Not only has the track accomplished an unfathomable achievement, but it has also become the highest selling single in the history of Ministry of Sound Australia's existence!

Speaking on how Freaks came to life, the head of A&R at Ministry of Sound, Jeff Drake discussed how far Timmy Trumpet and Savage have come. When I first signed Timmy Trumpet, he and I talked a lot about how to take him from a great club artist to the next level. I told Timmy then, and about a thousand times after, patience is key. When we have built to that moment and everything is ready, it will happen. About a year later Timmy made the instrumental version of Freaks and that moment arrived. I had just signed Savage and was working on a plan to transition him from his hip hop roots into a full throttle dance artist. I brought the two together and the vocal version of Freaks was created!

The song which went viral internationally thanks to this Youtube video titled When Mama Isn't Home.

Freaks is one of those rare songs in an artist's career that just won't slow down! Its reached an incredible 5 x Platinum in Australia which makes it the highest selling single in the history of Ministry of Sound Australia! The success these two artists are enjoying is a testament to their great talent as musicians and the fact they are just both brilliant people who are an absolute pleasure to work with. Timmy and Savage are two absolute legends who deserve everything that is happening for them right now.

If you haven't grabbed a copy of Freaks yet, it is now available on That's My Jam on iTunes.