This is...TECHNO

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Techno... quite the buzz word of late, has many faces.

From the house-inspired scene in Detroit, to the industrial peak in Germany, the genre has spread worldwide in in varying permeations. Jacking into 2013, the scene is back in full swing, flooded with new artists excited about putting their stamp on one of the founding scenes of dance music history.

Techno is fundamentally characterised as “fast synthesiser rhythms, high energy beats, and heavy use of samples” (as Vice’s Thump network sums up nicely in this highly amusing video, suitably titled 'What is Techno anyways?').

We’ve asked Sydney-based techno council, Motorik, to summarise techno as they see it.

You may know Motorik from previous bands/collectives/all-male sauna teams including Lost Valentinos, the Bang Gang and techno band, Infusion. They run a techno label, club night and put on warehouse parties around the industrial sites of Australia hosting cats like Thomas Von Party, Brodinski, Gesaffelstein, and Jon Convex. The council have crafted a mix that features key players, old and new, who define the sound of techno today. Expect to hear expert weaving of a swag of tunes from Gesaffelstein, Green Velvet, Simian Mobile Disco, Mount Kimbie, Zombie Nation, Bicep, and Siopsis.

This is...Techno is due to be released in Australia on September 13th.


1. Australia - Techno Music 2013

2. Zombie Nation - Attic Sundays

3. Siopis – Go Past

4. Craig Williams feat. Louisahhh!!! - Rawhide (CSMNT61 Remix)

5. CSMNT61 and Jensen Interceptor - Parallax Error

6. Red Axes - Caminho De Dreyfus (Rebolledo's Remix)

7. Djedjotronic - Kaikō

8. Kolsch – Opa

9. Simian Mobile Disco & Bicep – Sacrifice

10. Gingy & Bordello - Iron & Water

11. Arnaud Rebotini - Pesonal Dictator

12. Clouds - Terrorcore

13. Light Year and Jensen Interceptor – ADSR (Francis Xavier Remix)

14. Bodo Elsel - Mein Haus

15. Wordlife – Vision (The Finger Prince Remix)

16. The Presets - Youth In Trouble (Green Velvet Remix)

17. Lightyear – Moderation (Jensen Interceptor & CSMNT61 Remix)

18. Gesaffelstein - Pursuit

19. Eskimo Twins – Apikoros

20. Deadboy - On Your Mind

21. Rework - Heavy Handed