Sessions Six Tour Kicks Off

And so the Sessions Six Tour began late last month, raking various parts of the country. Wollongong, Burnie in Tas and Brisbane have each had the Sessions Six Experience, as has our NZ MoS contingent, with Misters T. Trash, G. Will and D. South taking the tour to Bed in Auckland.

Last weekend, the party landed in Adelaide, and the boys got up to their usual cheeky business, as you can see by the gallery. While it might look like all fun and games, we're the first to say that our Sessions DJs are some of the hardest working DJs alive and barely rest their heads getting the music to you, so when you see them at the Sessions gig in your city, be sure to give them mad, MAD props. Waving your arms around and going 'waaaaaaaah' is one effective way of issuing said props. Have you got your Six tix yet?

Sessions Six the compilation.

Tour info for the coming week