Sessions Seven Tour Wrap-Up

After 2 months, and 23 night clubs, the Sessions Seven tour has finally pulled into port, to allow Tommy Trash and the Stafford Brothers some much needed rest and recuperation - and who could blame them, the shows were unbelievable.

Now there are tours, and there are TOURS. This was one of the later type. It was more like a Las Vegas style dream-sequence than your standard series of club gigs. It was AMAZING! With venue capacities reached, if not exceeded, sound systems being pushed to their limiters, and three boys dancing and sweating there way across many a dance floor, into the hearts and minds of punters nation wide.

If you didn't make it down to any of the shows, then we would like to say that you didn't miss-out... but then we would be lying. This was definitely one for the Facebook Album. A big thanks to all the venues and artists involved with tour, and we hope to see you next time the Sessions bus rolls into your town.