See What Everyone is Blogging About!

The brand-spanking-new single 'I Wanna See You' is blowing up the online social music scene! The amount of buzz it's been generating lately has been staggering, from websites like The Hype Machine to massive international blogs like Mass Hyperbole and Circle Square Triangle, who spout such tasty quotes as "another slice of delirious clubby goodness," and “They’ve stolen ZZT’s hardware and dropped generic sexy disco talk on it’s cold, German ass.” Other blogs who have chatted up The Astons are Electrorash, Too Many Sebastians, Discobelle, and more!

Featuring remixes by Harvard Bass, Malente, Dcup, and Acid Jacks, it's no wonder this massive club track was established as a Hype Machine Top 10 Most Blogged Artist yesterday. Read all about it on The Independent. It also reached #2 on Hype Machine's Top Twitter'd charts. Search for it on Hype Machine by clicking here.

It's available on Beatport and iTunes now!

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