PNAU Performed At A Random 21st Birthday In Perth

Yep this really happened! After wrapping up the Hot Dub Wine Machine Tour in Perth's Houghton Winery, PNAU and 'Chameleon' singer Kira Devine made their way to the 'burbs for an impromptu house party DJ set for a random 21st Birthday party. To be fair the team at etcetc (PNAU's label and our office pals) were a bit nervous seeing the following post go out on PNAU's network, praying this wasn't going to turn into a Corey Worthington like-situation.

But the kids behaved and we've got the pics to prove as this Coachella themed birthday is just about all the FOMO you can handle.

And if you're wondering how it all unfolded, our friends at Pilerats had a chat with attendee Dylan Hindle about how it all came to play:

"Basically, we sent a message to their Facebook page asking if they could come and play. The booking agent came back asking about budget and what not and Chantal (whose 21st it was) said she could pay $1k out of her own pocket, obviously they were like, "sorry but that is waaaaay short of the price range" haha. Then in a last ditch effort, she messaged Nick Littlemore's page and he was like, "Yeah I'm really keen!! We will be in touch". Anyway she got the number of their tour manager Jimmy who then said we will talk at the Villa gig.

"At the Villa gig I explained what the party would be like (Coachella-themed), showed him pics etc, then we spoke to Sam Littlemore and Pete Mayes and they were both frothing. So he locked it into their schedule. Then during her speeches they rocked up in their tour van. I frantically rigged up some microphones and stuff and then they jumped on for a DJ set with Nick Littlemore and Kira Divine singing over the top."

Check out some of the snaps from the gig, thanks to photographer Perry McLaughlan who was on the scene.

And if you forgot what the biggest track of Summer was, listen to it again in all its glory below.

'Chameleon' is available to Stream & Download now


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