Party Poppers vs Party Poopers

Unlike the Olympics, clubbing is not a gathering together of spirits under the banner of competitive sporting and you do not get a gold medal for partying the hardest. When, on a night out, you start seeing things like space/time or your friends turn into huge lizards who don't speak English anymore, it's time to pull up stumps and go home.

As we all know, alcohol and nicotine are perfectly safe as they are legal and taxed, so here are some links for info and warnings to the other drugs that may get you into trouble or on the news.




Coke – more of a cautionary tale

In summary, apart from the obvious disclaimer that you shouldn't do anything that's not legal or regulated (or taxed), if you do, at least try to educate yo'self first. Or get a smart friend who likes reading to do all the research and get them to make you a powerpoint presentation or something. Easier than having to explain that trip to Emergency/pay for the ambulance bill/be mental by the time you're 40.