New Year, New You - We've Teamed Up With Wellbeing By Blake To Give You A 2016 Fitness Regime

While the New Year has well and truly kicked off, you've probably already forgotten about your really inspiring New Year Resolutions that including "Training more" and "Getting fit." So with the help of our good friend and fitness pal, personal trainer, writer, author and TV presenter Blake Worrall-Thompson from Wellbeing By Blake, we've put together a training regime for you whilst listening to our super inspiring Running Trax Summer 2016.

Disk 1 - Running

Workout 1 – Steady Jog. Run at a slow and steady pace for the length of the track before changing on to your next running workout.
L1 run at 6 minutes and 30 second pace per km
L2: 6:00 minutes pace per km
L3: 5:30 minutes per km
L4: 5:00 minutes per km

Workout 2 - Short Interval Running. Run fast for 'effort' and then slow it right down to a slow jog for the recovery.
L1: 10 seconds fast / 50 seconds jog-recover
L2: 20 seconds fast /40 seconds jog-recover
L3: 30 seconds fast/ 30 seconds jog-recover
L4: 40/ seconds fast/ 20 seconds jog-recover

Workout 3 - Fast Run - A fast but steady pace.
L1: 6:00 minutes per km
L2: 5:30 minutes per km
L3: 5:00 minutes per km
L4: 4:30 minutes per km

Workout 4 - Longer Intervals
L1: 40 seconds fast / 1:20 recovery
L2: 1:00 fast / 1:00 recovery
L3: 1:15 fast / 45 seconds recovery
L4: 1:30 fast / 30 seconds recovery

Disk 2 - Tabata Bodyweight exercises

Tabata consists of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds recovery. Repeat EIGHT times. Which gives you a 4 minute block on the same exercise.
Workout 1 - burpees
Workout 2 - Squats
Workout 3 - Push Ups
Workout 4 - Alternating lunges

Disk 3 - Mix cardio and weights

Workout 1 - 6 leg raises, 6 squat jumps, 200m run - as many rounds as you can per song
Workout 2 - 6 jumping luges, 6 push ups, 300m run - as many rounds as you can per song
Workout 3 - plank 30 seconds, run 30 seconds - as many rounds as you can per song
Workout 4 - 6 sit ups, 6 inverted hamstrings, 6 walking lunges - as many rounds as you can per song

Need some tunes for your workout? Don't forget to grab Running Trax Summer 2016 now on iTunes.

For more information on Blake's programs, check out his website.