MoS Sounds on Boxing Day Round-Up

It was grey and windy but the vibe at the Greenwood was still pumping. The main stage outside and on the other side of courtyard (not undercover) were both filled to the brim - just like old days. The crowd was pretty cool - with plenty of nice boys and girls present and up for a play (and a 'lei').

The music ROCKED especially for the "oldies". Mark Dynamix, Nik Fish and John Course just seemed to play right to those of us of an older vintage, knowing what anthems we would love. The Chapel was open for the day (which is not the case every week now as it was in our heydey) and Amber Savage rocked from 7pm to 9pm, with Nik Fish after that, who had some equally as awesome old-school thumping tunes. They also matched each other beautifully with Nik's red t-shit and Amber's white and red Santa suit... they were very cute dancing with each other to the last track while everyone else was going hard.

A local promoter was spotted having a little bit of tingle time with an unidentified brunette behind the main stage outside (it was just a spot of well-timed dirty dancing, but let's not let truth get in the way of a good rumour) and all the DJs seemed very happy to be there playing their old tunes. John Course rocked out but had to leave early for a flight so Mark Dynamix closed the day.

So, it was really like the old days, nothing felt like it had changed. Friends and people commented that the crowd had gotten younger but this reviewer didn't notice until a passing comment was overheard directed at one of our group of 'older' (over 25) ladies. To wit: "Yeah, she's smoking hot but too old for me, I'm only 23!"

At any rate, we had a ball and had enough fun to out-dance any 20 year-old chick who tried (ample use of Tiger Balm and Voltaren for post-dance aches notwithstanding).

Below is the Facebook link to the event for those who need more: