Ministry of Sound Staff Flashbacks: DECADE 2000-2009

Throwing it back to our very first compilation release in 2000, DECADE (2000-2009) looks at the tunes that changed the dance music game across genres. We've compiled over 60 tracks of what we loved most about Noughties music, getting deep into the origins genres of EDM, deep house, dubstep and everything electro. The flashbacks haven't stopped there.

In a flourishing time for dance music, we've extracted the most infectious classics and most questionable lifestyle choices of the decade and are highlighting what they meant to us! Take a peek into how Decade has shaped dance music today and from the team who knows it best.

Welcome to Ministry of Sound Headquarters, this was THE decade of dance.


Karen (General Manager of Marketing & Recordings)
Moguai – U Know Y
I’m Kaz and I’m a Ministry-Lifer. I first started crushing on the label when Ministry of Sound Mashed Volume 1 came out a zillion years ago which featured 'U Know Y'… mixed by my then-future-boss Tim (Wok DJs) and the eternal party starter Ajax. As a wee little club rat, 'U Know Y' was a staple tune of 24 months of solid dancefloor shredding – during that magical time when responsibility/career/bills fell well down the list of life’s priorities. To this day I still think the vocal is “are you luckabibbyseedysong it’s for y’all, u know y” – which really doesn’t matter at all though… because That. Bassline. Was. Everything.

Aden (A&R)
Claude VonStroke - The Whistler
Hi, my name is Aden and I was a Whistler addict. I was first introduced to Claude VonStroke when Pete Tong premiered his track 'Deep Throat' on his BBC Radio 1 show. It changed my opinion of how awesome, awesome music could be. 'The Whistler' was the 3rd single from his debut album and it went massive. We later commissioned The Aston Shuffle remix which was a bit of a coup considering the boys were relatively fresh on the scene – but they did an epic job and joined the remix package alongside DJ Assault and Jesse Rose. The rest is history as they say.

Chris (A&R)
Bloc Party – Banquet (Boys Noize Remix) My name’s Chris and this record’s meaningful for a few reasons. Firstly, it was probably one of the last actual records I played before ditching vinyl and enthusiastically embracing CD wallets with vodka spilled all over them (yes, mostly by myself). It first surfaced as a white label titled Party Boys – Bloc Noize. No one seemed to realise it was a remix at the time, although it seems obvious now in hindsight. In fact, blindingly obvious if you look at the cover. It was also an important record because it coincided with everyone starting to wear much tighter jeans, and vomit-inducing fluoro. The jeans have stayed tight, the fluoro’s left the building (thank fuck), but for some reason Boys Noize has never made anything quite as big since.

Duncan (COO)
Chicken Lips – He Not In
Bashing it out at The End in London, and occasionally the Cross to this record. Peak time proper clubbing in London.
After parties were always fancy dress in some way.

John (Head of Licensing)
Chicken Lips – He Not In
This record dumbfounded me for years, as when I first heard it played at a club it was in the hot and sweaty breaks rooms of the club I was running at the time which generally featured harder styles. But ‘He Not In’ with it’s early 80’s influenced (and sampled) Arthur Baker type sounds rose above the pack and screamed at me. That old school electro fused bassline hollering ‘get funky’ at me but in techno kinda way. Weird. I played it often in the most inappropriate times and pp loved it. It was quite a treat to see gurning anaemic ravers getting silly to this track made by some blokes who were heavily influential in the early UK rave /acid house scene (Bizarre Inc). It was that type of track that blazed cross genres and people couldn’t help but dance like idiots. Perfect 21st century music.

Anna (National Promotions & Publicity Manager)
Kings of Tomorrow - Finally
My name is Anna and my favourite track off Decade is Kings of Tomorrow 'Finally'. I clearly remember the first time I heard this track - it was in Ibiza in 2001. I think the club was called Eden and Judge Jules was playing in the main room. My friends and I were dancing in the almost deserted and way less hectic back room though and as soon as 'Finally' started I said to my friends "is this Whitney Houston singing?". Clearly not, but straight away I loved every second of it. To this day it's still reminds me of that moment and I still love to belt out every word with my girlfriends.

Nergal (Graphic Designer)
Freeform Five - No More Conversations (Mylo Remix)
Yo! My name is Nergs and the track that means the most to me from the Decade compilation is Freeform Five 'No More Conversations (Mylo Remix)'. I had just turned 20 and was working at Quicksilver while studying in New Zealand. Although I had been clubbing for a couple of years now, hip hop joints was where you would find me and pretty much had no interest in electronic music. A friend bought the MoS Annual 06 (I think) and played it at work which had the record in it and all I can say, after I heard that sleazy bass line, I was instantly hooked!

This made me seek out clubs such as Code and Inkcoherent where I discovered Boys Noize, Justice, Tiga, Jacques Lu Cont etc and raved to that edgy sound for a few years while meeting some of my best friends. This whirlwind effect of discovering electronic music has led me to run a shit load of parties hosting some awesome internationals and creating a career fusing my passion for design & love for music here at MoS.

Trent (Events & Touring)
Freeform Five - No More Conversations (Mylo Remix)
Hi my name is Trent, my favourite track off the comp is Freeform FiveNo More Conversations (Mylo remix)'. I remember the day we received a copy of this in the MOS offices and begging the then A&R manager Andrew for a cheeky copy to play out. After a few hours of constant pestering he was kind enough to give me a copy on the basis that I didn’t tell anyone what it was as we still hadn’t licensed the record. Agreeing to this was fine at the time, but having to ward off the constant peppering by other DJ’s for the records name when I played it was the hard part. Probably didn’t help in the fact that I would play it twice in a set. Still to this day I hold this record as one of the most unique records I have come across, and it never gets tired. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Laura (Digital Strategist)
Martin Solveig - Rockin' Music
My name is Laura, and I used to be a Hed Kandi-aholic!! This tune brings back many memories of Hed Kandi events I went to or worked at during my uni years! Weekly parties at Brownstones in Bristol where we’d stay up all night and then head out on a 6 hour journey across the South of England to Brighton for Friday nights at the Honey Club, with our fave tunes blasting all the way. Countless epic pre-parties and after-parties. Every week at El Divino in Ibiza… Rockin' times.

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