Meet the WEMC Australia Top 3

The WEMC Australia competition has wrapped up for another year as the top 3 producers were announced, with the winner, Brisbane based producer AJC taking out the competition and signing his first record deal with Ministry of Sound Australia. AJC took out the top spot with a mind-blowing original in his track 'Voices'. The song accompanied by his mixtape secured him the top prize, which will see him also booking shows at Australia's #1 club Pacha Sydney and Sky Garden Bali.

Amongst the top 3 winners was the Sydney based turntablist ShiBBi taking second place, while fellow Sydney duo Shuriken took third place. In celebration of their success, WEMC spoke to the top 3 contestants about their musical upbringings, the WEMC competition and future aspirations.

Have you been celebrating since we announced your big win?

Haha! Not really… It's a school night, so I'm being sensible. But I'll be celebrating with friends over the weekend. I have spent a lot of time replying to lots of amazing messages from friends, though, and have hit the studio feeling extra inspired!

It was an intense competition! Be honest; how often did you check the chart to see your position?

Oh man! It was intense the whole time. It was so close at some points, one guy was one single point behind me, which was very nerve-racking. I stayed up late contacting everyone to get as much support as I could. I put myself under a lot of pressure!

What did you find was the best way to get support? Facebook, Twitter, telling your neighbours...

Definitely Facebook. I started off by telling my direct friends then got in touch with fellow DJs and producers who I'm connected with online via forums. Word grew and grew from there. It wasn't just Australia, I had support from a lot of friends and connections around the world. A lot of guys who couldn't enter the competition because they don't live in Australia signed up to Fame and are hoping they'll have a competition to enter in their country one day.

AJC's full Interview and Winning track can be found here

He's a turntablist, he plays four different instruments, he can make a vocal recorded on an iPhone sound incredible… 24-year-old Sydney-based ShiBBi is a very talented individual. Proof of his skills can be found in his WEMC Australia second place winning track Finding Love. A beautiful downtempo, future soul number written with vocalist Annika Mae, it's his first production. And he's only been using Ableton for a month. If that's what he can achieve in a month, we can't wait to hear what he has in store within the next year. Or the year after! Here's an opportunity to get more acquainted with him, we think you'll be hearing a lot more of him very soon…

Congratulations on hitting second place!

Thank you. It was very exciting. I worked very hard at getting as much support as possible.

What was your preferred tactic to win ears over?

I guess at the end of the day if it's good music, people will notice. I actually paid Facebook $20 to sponsor my post about the competition and it reached quite a large audience!

You've literally invested in this, then!

I thought I might as well do everything I can! I'm glad I did.

Definitely. Let's talk about your production. Finding Love is a very bold production because it's not straight-up dancefloor business is it? It's downtempo and very songful.

It's a very personal song, too. It's also the first time I've entered a production-based competition so it was all quite nerve-racking. I've only been producing for a month…

ShiBBi's full interview can be viewed here.

Meet Dean and Dale, two 20-year-old Sydney-based production students with a penchant for trappy dynamics and thick, rich low-end vibes.

With a sound as sharp and deadly as their ninja-star name, it might surprise you that they've only been working together since January this year. Three months deep into 2015 and they've already hit the bronze spot in Fame Music's first ever WEMC Australia. Here's how they got there…

Wow… How intense was the competition?

Dean: Very! We were checking the charts daily. Hourly as the contest neared the finish line. Most of the time was spent getting in touch with people though.

Dale: Yeah, that was the main effort… Spending as much time as possible trying to get those votes!

What was the most successful tactic to get votes?

Dean: Social media all the way… We hit up everyone personally and individually. Not just spamming everyone but taking the time to get in touch with people.

Dale: That worked best for both of us. It took a lot more time but I'd personally be happier to have a request to vote for someone in that way so we knew it was the right way to hassle people!

You were producing solo before you hooked up then?

Dean: Yeah probably about a year ago. We met about a year ago doing an electronic music course and found we both shared the same interests; we both love trap-related music and experimenting with sound design. When we worked together we realised it was a lot more fun and enjoyable.

Do you both bring different strengths to the studio?

Dale: Dean is the hands-on guy, moving the mouse around and putting the stuff together. I direct more. I'm just as happy to produce but I'm more comfortable as the director.

Dean: He has so many ideas!

Dale: And he's definitely a bit sharper tech-wise. But all productions are straight up 50/50…

Shuriken's full interview can be viewed here.