Major Announcement: Rapper's Delight Is Coming To Cassette

Ever wondered what that space in your car stereo was for? 📟

Well dust off your boombox & get your phone outta there 'coz everything old is new again, and we're calling it – 2016 is the Year of The Cassette. 🎶

We've seen the vinyl revival, and the cassette comeback is coming! 📟

"With the resurgence in popularity of vinyl over the past two years, there is no denying the cassettes' glorious return is imminent. We present to you the boombox-ready Rapper's Delight" - Jeff Drake, Head of A&R at Ministry of Sound.

Pre - order Rapper's Delight on cassette here.

Want to grab a digital download? Grab Rapper's Delight Now on iTunes.

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