Producers: Joel Fletcher Shares 3 Production Tips To Boost Your Studio Creativity

Over the past few years Melbourne prodigy producer Joel Fletcher has built a legion of fans with his own brand of Melbourne Bounce. After recently linking up with fellow Melbournian bounce lord Will Sparks on Acid Rain, Joel has since released his matured follow up track 'Obsessed' featuring the vocal talents of Bianca. After recently touring Europe, Joel's touring schedule is only getting longer as he returns back home supporting his new single on a huge Australian club tour. He might be taking the world by storm but Joel comes from humble beginnings, he started djing at the age of 14, putting tracks up on Soundcloud where he received huge recognition for the tracks he was making and landing huge hits like 'Swing' when at the age of 21. We're so Obsessed with Joel Fletcher's new track that we hit him up to get an insight and a few pointers into how he producers such gems.

1. Environment

Find an environment to write music that's suits you.

2. Know Where to Start

Personally I find the best way to write music is to start with the breakdown and build your track around that.

3. Dig For Inspiration

Generate inspiration for tracks and new ideas from many different genres of music.

Oh and he's got one more hot tip for you..........



Joel Fletcher's 'Obsessed' is available to Stream and Download now.

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