Jesabel's Clubbers Guide To Fashion

Deciding what to wear before a night on the town can be one of the most stressful encounters. Taking into consideration; where you are going, what the weather is like, and the extent of your partying, picking an outfit out will always be the bane of your existence; however we've got someone to help us out. After recently taking on mixing duties with Glover on Clubbers Guide To Spring 2015, we sent Jesabel out whilst on the Clubbers Guide tour at Pacha Sydney to find some of her favourite clubbing outfits to give you a Clubbers Guide to Fashion. Now it's over to her...

I went for a walk through Pacha, Sydney to see what all the ladies and gents were wearing out and about these days! I definitely saw a few trends that caught my attention. I've put together a list of 10 style trends that I love and wear, and that are being worn in a nightclub near you!

Style 1

Nude is one of the most popular colours to hit the racks at the moment and this girl has styled it up perfectly. Take it for what it is – NUDE. Minimal, simple and sophisticated. Not everyone can wear this colour but I think she pulls it off amazingly!

Style 2

Are you FURRRR-REALLLL?! (sorry I had to haha) I think she looks FAB! Faux fur along with other faux animal materials such as suede and snakes skin, are fabrics, which I have seen in clubs A LOT lately. I am definitely on board!

Style 3

To me, white has always been a scary colour but it's a shade I have seen a lot lately and I definitely want to try it. This chicky, wearing a white jumpsuit is pulling it off incredibly! If this girl can with a vodka raspberry in her hand then so can I! ;)

Style 4

This guy has it all together! I've never got denim on denim quite right but this dude makes me want to give it another go. I lurrvvveee this look. The hat, jacket, watch, shoes just all works! This is definitely a trend I want to try for quiet drinks with the girls.

Style 5

Anyone who knows me, or has seen pics would know that I love wearing black (along with every other DJ out there!). I've been looking for ways to add a little fashion and style to my wardrobe and sheer materials like mesh and netting help me do that. Every girl out there has their off days before heading out, but this is a trend which looks great and makes you feel awesome.

Style 6

High neck tops! It's a stylish alternative to a simple cami or t-shirt. I wear high neck basics to my gigs, during the day, nights out dancing with the girls etc. Its super wearable and is something you can pick up in any store for no more than $20. Definitely a staple in my wardrobe.

Style 7

That plunging neckline! It's something I'm still afraid to give a go but these girls look awesome and have definitely inspired me. Like I said, I could wear black every minute of the day BUT navy is on its way into the clubs and a couple of pieces have made its way into my wardrobe! #sorrynotsorry

Style 8

That jacket though! I know along with most females, I'm afraid of wearing bold prints at the best of times but seeing a guy do it in the club is absolutely FANTASTIC! Now I want a jacket like that. Does it come in women's?!

Style 9

Who doesn't freak out about white jeans? I took the risk and bought a pair not long ago and I have not regretted it. I for one was bored of just wearing black or denim jeans all the time so I went for something different. It's a trend I'm seeing all the time at gigs. Easy to wear with nike's, converse, heels...anything really!

Style 10

Lipstick! I don't do it often but when I do, I feel great! It jazzes up a plain outfit and always brightens up my face. I love the burgundy shade these girls are wearing. Looks like I'm off for a trip to the MAC store! ;)

Clubbers Guide To Spring 2015 mixed by Jesabel and Glover is out now on iTunes.

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