Hook N Sling talks Progression 2

What's the biggest challenge about compiling a mix like Progression 2?

Biggest challenge is narrowing down the hundred or so tracks that your into at the moment into an 17/18 records and an 80-minute mix and making it flow.

How much were you influenced by the initial Progression comp - did you take many cues from it or did you go in completely fresh with your own ideas/sounds?

I knew there was an initial progression comp but it didn't influence me at all. Basically I just compiled a mix that best represents what I’m playing right now.

The album is supported by a national tour - what do you love most about touring with MoS?

The best part of this kinda thing is touring with another DJ. Its good having someone alongside for the ride when crazy shit happens on the road. I toured Clubbers Guide to 2008 last year with Sam La More....and to be honest we've been great mates ever since.

If someone wants to come up and compliment you/speak to you at a gig, what's the best way to go about it?

I had the weirdest one last week when I was playing in Leeds. This girl leaned right over into the both and shouted "I love your eyebrows" ???

Who are your favourite producers at the moment?

At the moment I’m playing a lot of the new Fedde stuff which is great, also a lot of Felix Baumgartner tunes....also loving what Richard Dinsdale's been working on lately.

Aside from the MoS progression 2 tour, what are your movements this year - Ibiza, the US?

Yeah I’m back to Europe and Ibiza for the end of the european summer...I’m really looking forward to that...then I’m back in US/Canada at the start of next year.

Finally: something apocalyptic happens and you can take only three of your albums into hibernation with you, which 3 would you take?

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
Freestylers - We Rock Hard
Cassius - Au Reve

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