Free Music Downloads Links

Life - and this post - wouldn't be quite right without a li'l something about us, so in case you're only our friend on Facebook and haven't plumbed MySpace for MoS-related downloads, please do so. MoS Oz on MySpace . Lots of MoS friends are of course also on MySpace, like Goodwill, Stafford Brothers, Pnau, The Aston Shuffle, and more, so search them and you're likely to find even more free tunes.

Outside MoS-world, Mustard Pimp have a note-worthy new free mix – PMS - to download Mustard Pimp on MySpace , plus a bunch of remixes, including their Fresh Prince of Bel Air remix.

Also, in case you didn't know, NME has a daily MP3 on a part of its site for free. It's not always dance music, but if you have broad musical tastes, you won't hate it. NME's Daily Download Thing