Fancy a KickOn?

Ever wanted a midmorning kick on? Or planning on having a Corey Worthington style house party? Then KickOn is the App for you.

KickOn was created by Sydney based tech entrepreneur Charles Stewart and is an event discovery app that is being dubbed as the ‘Tinder for parties’. What partially acts as an alternate solution to the Sydney lockout laws, the app is set to be a global phenomenon especially amongst the college fraternity parties in the US. “Responsible adults who like to party are being short-changed by nanny state laws, forced to go home at a time when in many other global cities, the party is just getting started,” Stewart said. “I created KickOn because I knew there had to be a better way.” The App also features a rating system that wants you to earn the KickOn MVP award for hosting or attending the most parties and getting positive ratings from fellow users.

Amongst the criticism received by major media networks regarding its safety concerns from potential gate crashers, the KickOn app features personal profiles and QR codes, better known as a Kicket (KickOn Ticket) that differentiates itself from the usual Facebook event invites. The free app has officially launched, and the developers are currently looking for university ambassadors to bring KickOn into their campuses.