Deadmau5 goes far and beyond with new Virtual Reality game - 'Absolut Deadmau5'

Just when you thought that his legendary progressive house tracks, amazing DJ sets, live streaming sessions and twitter beef was enough to keep Deadmau5 fans completely entertained, he's gone a step further by creating his own iOS virtual reality game!

As it turns out, Deadmau5 is not only an extremely talented music producer, but he is also an avid gamer, which has lead him to team up with Absolut Labs to create a virtual reality app, putting you in the shoes of the man behind the mouse helmet. As the advertisement would suggest, Absolut Deadmau5 takes you on a journey through the every day life of Deadmau5; from cruising around his neighborhood in his lavish cars, to the pre-show back-stage run around, and of course, to the mainstage decks where Deadmau5 works his magic. It pretty much gives you access to the life of a world class DJ without ever having to buy a pair of decks - not bad. But this 18 second clip couldn't give everything away, could there be a VR twitter beef mini-game, will you be able to order your favourite jumbo sized coffee from the local Tim Horton's? It's only speculation but exciting none the less!

The app will also feature brand new music by Deadmau5 while you play through his life, which is a bit of icing on the large cake that is, Absolut Deadmau5.

'Absolut deadmau5' will be available for iOS and Android on July 27. Peep the trailer below.

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