Okay, We've Found The Best Music Video Clip Ever Made

Rarely is it the case that a video is so amazing that it completely wins the internet. Well behold, the latest internet phenomenon: 'Sausage Dogs vs "Sunshine" by TIEKS' And no, 'Sausage dogs' isn't the name of some new garage house DJ, there are actual Sausage dogs in the video, who are the talented stars of the new clip for TIEKS' hit track 'Sunshine'.

'Sunshine' features an impossibly addictive, uplifting and timeless vocal refrain (from new talent Dan Harkna), breezy Balearic piano chords and a groove as undeniable as any you're likely to come across this summer, 'Sunshine' is a much needed shot of elegant modern dance music with a classic sensibility - Who would have thought that this absolute tune could have gotten so much better!

I'm sorry Taylor, I'mma let you finish... but this is the greatest video of all time.

'Sunshine' is out now on iTunes

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