Classic Questions with some Classic DJ's

We’re talking about Classics, so what makes you a classic?

Ben Morris: I own and can play vinyl.
Gus from Gang Bang: Some people say it is my impersonation of Scooby Doo. I prefer to think it is my taste in fine china…… but who’s asking ?
GT: I have no idea what makes me a classic, that’s probably something someone else could answer a lot  more easily than me, of course if you’d asked me this again after a couple of beers in me I’m sure I could tell you in 5000 words or more.
John Course: About 22 years doing this make me a classic, like it or not!
Kate Monroe: Tequila.
Nick Law: I’m not a classic, I’m a 16yr old in a 40 yr olds body J
Trent Rackus: Lots a funny shit goes down when I’m around, so I’ll tell you anyway!
Me and a mate once taught his dog to dj and won $10k on Funniest Home Videos for it!!
Illya: My ability to remember 80's & 90's show themes and advertisement jingles word 4 word..!
Peter Glass: Me, Myself & I….

A Classic Track?

Ben Morris: Plastic Dreams – Jaydee
Gus from Gang Bang: Laurent Garnier – Man With The Red Face
GT: I think by definition it’s any tune  that’s been out of your regular playlist for more than 4 years and you can still get a great reaction when u drop it and or there’s a great emotion or memory of a great night /moment associated with that tune. Songs like Inner Citys' "Good Life" to even something more recent like Mylo "Drop The Pressure" totally fit this description for me and I’m sure a lot of others as well.
John Course: Shades Of Jae – Moodyman
Kate Monroe: Wow, A CLASSIC??? Old School Classic Age Of Love: ‘ThE Age Of Love’ Total class production
Nick Law: WOW! Very hard but lets roll with ‘Warehouse Days Of Glory’ by New York Deep Society
Trent Rackus: Wow, that is like asking me who my favourite child is, so I’d better say two that I love equally as much!
Danny Tenaglia’s ‘Elements’
With It Guys ‘Let The Music take Control’
Illya: Are U Jealous - Dope & Dusted (Toby Neal's Club Mix) - Hustle Recordings 2003
Peter Glass: Reuben Wilson: Got To Get Your Own

A Classic Gig?

Ben Morris: My second Big Day out Boiler Room set
Gus from Gang Bang: Bang Gang @ Moulin Rouge (sorry is that being a bit too obnoxious ? – fuck it I had fun)
GT: There’s far too many under my belt and I’d hate to upset someone by naming one better over the other, that said I had a very memorable gig at one of the first ever MOS Shows  playing with Pnau at the Metro  Sydney circa 2000. The bomb scare that cleared out the venue about halfway into my set is something I’ll never forget - people were refusing to leave the dance floor and then once they were all outside people started dancing in the street and on cars and shit, I wasn’t playing then but it was pretty amazing anyways :)  An honourable mention goes to the Tonite Only show at Family in 2006 for the Mashed tour, that shit was crazy, look it up on you tube. I’ve never experienced a vibe like that to our own music being played.
John Course: Q Bar Easter Long Weekend – I do a marathon 6 to 8 hour set every year going back through the collection. It’s become an annual event now! And of course the last two Ministry NYDay parties!
Kate Monroe: January 1, 2011
Nick Law: NY2K New Years Eve 99/00. One of the hardest yet most rewarding events I’ve ever helped to produce.
Trent Rackus: Fortunately there have been many! One that stands out was 2001 on NYE playing down at Wharf 3 when I was doing the 1-2am set in front of a sea of people. The party had around 16000 but they were only aloud 10000 so the police stopped anyone coming in after 1am dj’s included, so I ended up playing till 4am (Robbie Lowe [I think?] finally got in). Interesting then as I only had a box of records (no cd’s), so towards the end I had to play a couple of records again plus a few b –sides.
Illya: to many classic gigs to just pick one so:
FLY @ GLOBE closin' night special guest KASKADE. Dec 2003
Beachlife NYE 2003 just Derrick Carter, Mark Farina and Me
Shore Thing NYE 2006 Lamanex(Toby Neal & myself)
10.30pm-12am warming up for Basemet jaxx and Bob sinclair
Parklife 2004 - played closing set with Jonathon Wall
Harbourlife 2003 first Harbourlife party
Tramp Nightclub Dec 2007 first gig there booked for 2hours ended up 5.5hours with club still packed at 8.30am - classic
Peter Glass: Playing after J Roc at Sydney Festival

Classic Drink?

Ben Morris: Sub Zero with grenadine.
Gus from Gang Bang: VB
GT:anything I’m not paying for is usually alright with me EXCEPT Jagerbombs --that shit is nasty!   -but if I get a choice, a good Vodka is always appreciated.
John Course: Gin and Tonic (not to mention perfect for summer)
Kate Monroe: Only One Classic, Coke
Nick Law: Hard to choose between a bottle of First Growth Grand Cru Bordeaux (La Tour or Margaux) or the ultra classic ‘Petrus’ from Pomerol! Let’s go with Petrus..
Trent Rackus: Resches Pilsner
Illya: * "Always" Coca Cola cause "you can't beat the real thing"..! I'm after a sponsorship if anyone can hook me up..!
Peter Glass:Fog Cutter

Your classic hang-over cure?

Ben Morris: More Booze
Gus from Gang Bang: VB
GT: It’s usually Burgers at the Airport the next morning/afternoon and then a Bloody Mary somewhere.
John Course: Mc Donald’s Cheeseburger
Kate Monroe: Another Tequila
Nick Law: Hair of the dog, get back on it J
Trent Rackus: I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that it may incriminate me.
Illya: *Coca Cola on the rocks + havin' to drive everywhere = Classic prevention! no cure needed.!
Peter Glass: Hairy Lemon

Favourite Classic pizza topping?

Ben Morris: Anchovies
Gus from Gang Bang: VB
GT: I’m still a sucker for the VIP at Lover Supreme which is fresh tomato, fresh basil and bocconcini
John Course: Pepperoni
Kate Monroe: Mozzarella CHEESE!
Nick Law: Can’t go past the Chicken Con Pollo at Dough Boys
Trent Rackus: Not a big pizza fan, but I did have this crazy duck pizza down at Cargo Bar recently.
Illya: *Super supreme always goes well with an ice cold Coke..! hehe..!
Peter Glass: Pepperoni

Classic pair of Kicks?

Ben Morris: Adidas Shell Toes
Gus from Gang Bang: Flip Flops
GT: Converse All Stars thru and thru baby.
John Course: Adidas Mr Happy limited edition trainers ;-)
Kate Monroe: Adidas All Stars
Nick Law: Connies all the way…
Trent Rackus: Puma Half Spike cricket shoes
Illya:The original Karate Kid's crane kick and Guile's flash kick from the classic game
street fighter 2 are a classic pair of kicks but if we're talkin' trainers Nike Air Max define classic..!
Peter Glass: Adidas Chaparral

The Classic artist, dj, club or club night which changed your life?

Ben Morris:
Hearing the track Game Master by Lost Voices at Colossus 2. Wow that was a long time ago.
Gus from Gang Bang: Bang Gang club nite – It was the beginning for me. I had it all. Great music, horrible music, fights, fucking, sweating, slamdancing, strippers, drag queens, d-grade celesbians, the best drugs, the worst drugs, pass outs, pass ins, passé people, engagements, weddings, wig-outs, break ups, breakdancing, bargains, bogans, beautiful bitches, beni, dan, doom, Nolan, doom and my alter ego Dj buttfuck (I miss him).
GT: one of the greatest night out I ever had was at the Miami  WMC in the late 90's  and maybe my first or second time there and it was Danny Tenaglias first time playing outside  of NY I think --he played for 8 or 12 hours or something ridiculous  like that with the dry ice machines  and the whole nine yards  which I’d never seen before, only ever read about. He must have had every Dj in the world I knew either by name or sight on the dance floor too. It was really like going to Mass at the Vatican or something, it was just one of those magical nights that make you realise how amazing house music, how much you love your mates, your life, house music and all that life changing bollocks  that you think about at 5am on a sweaty strobed out dance floor that you can never remember the next day.
The 3 artists and their albums that changed my life are:
1: RUN DMC 1st album 
2: Public Enemy: It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back  
3: Daft Punk: Homework 
John Course: Not sure there is any one single event but I do remember reviewing Fatboy Slim’s equipment list in a Mixmag update with Andy Van way back when we first started our own studio.
Kate Monroe: Working with Eric Morillo @ Home.. Made me realize how vast music tastes can be and how to put it all together for an unbelievable experience.. Not out of the box.. Truly original
Nick Law: DJ’s - there’s been too many to mention (yes I’m an old git) but if I had to narrow it down I’d have to say that Mark Farina & Derrick Carter had the most influence… plus they were so much fun to tour.
Clubs - simply couldn’t go past my Friday night ‘Stateside’ at the Underground Café. Five of the best years of my life. Stateside will be the inspiration for my ‘Classics’ set this NYD!
Events - As far as events go my early ‘raving’ days in Sydney in the very early nineties at Sweet Science, Love, Flim Flam, Happy Valley, Welsh Embassy etc will forever hold a very, very special place in my heart. Like most dance music lovers the world over nothing ever comes close to your early days’.
Trent Rackus: Would have to be Danny Tenaglia playing at the Metro around 97. He played a 10 hour set which scarred me for life. He is still the undisputed king of the long set!!!
Illya:The Globe Nightclub was the biggest classic life changer for me and there hasn't been a club in sydney since then that has come close.
these classics also changed my life and helped define me.
artists - inland knights
dj's/club nights -derrick carter(stateside@underground cafe 98/99)
-mark farina(stateside@underground cafe 98)
-roger sanchez(sublime pitt st 97)
-erick morillo(sublime pitt st 96)
Classic clubs - The Globe
- sublime pitt street
- underground cafe
Peter Glass:Norman Jay playing his first Sydney gig at a classic Funkinc Party in 1993