Brooke Evers Top 10 People To Follow On Instagram

It's no surprise that Aussie superstar DJ, Brooke Evers loves a good ol' snap for Insta, sharing her life with over 470K followers on her account. Currently DJing her way around the globe, we recently asked Brooke to mix our latest 'On The Download' compilation. To celebrate the release of 'On The Download Jul/Aug', we asked Brooke to share some of her favourite accounts to follow on Instagram.

Brookes Top 5 People to Follow on Instagram

1. Jimmy Chin- National Geographic Photographer that captures the most unbelievable images.

2. Alana Blanchard- Surfer babe that I idolize.

3. Beyonce- Just because she is the queen.

4. Leonardo DiCaprio - Every post has an intense meaning that interests me.

5. TheNakedTiger- Just really beautiful images of women half nude lol

On The Download July/August is out now on iTunes

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