Shuff And Stuff

We’re always bigging up The Aston Shuffle over here - we think they’re ace and will totally give death stares to anyone who disagrees. Because of our undying love and devotion, and because they’re Soapbox artists and aligned with MoS, we want you to know where you can catch these dudes in action. If you missed them at Global Gathering for some pithy reason, you’ve still got a few chances to witness them perform before the end of the year, like at the MoS Annual warehouse party in Auckland or at the Foreshore Festival in Canberra.

The new year period also presents plenty of opportunity to see The Aston Shuffle as they play a bunch of gigs around Sydney on NYE: Luna Park, Shore Thing on Bondi Beach (with Underworld and Eric Prydz), plus a set at the bedazzling waterside Cargo Bar. On New Year’s Day the boys will be at Groove in Adelaide and then closing proceedings at Summerfieldayze. Way into the future (2009 seems so sci-fi, does it not?) the MS Fest and Twilight Festival in Mackay are confirmed dates for the duo. For those doing detox or staying in to watch back-to-back Gossip Girl on cable, the Shuffle can be enjoyed on a new mixed disc for MoS Clubbers Guide. They’ve also been asked to produce sexy/scary Austrian industrial chick Bunny Lake’s new album, which is big big news.